Eye Powered Interactivity

« The eye is an open window into the activity of the brain »

Marc Massonneau
CEO and co-founder of SuriCog

An interactive eye-tracker
for improving health and well-being

The SuriCog eye-tracker is a disruptive human-machine interface (HMI)
that exploits the incredible potential of eye-movement interaction,
an open window into the activity of the brain.

What are its applications?

In Industry 4.0, EyeDee helps optimize

– interfaces and workstations

– manufacturing, monitoring and control processes

– customer products and applications

How does it work?

The eyeglass frames capture and geolocalize microscopic eye movements.

EyeDee frames incorporate electronics that allow complex embedded algorithms to run at very high speeds. They alone are able to match the expressive power of the human eye.

What is its secret?

SuriCog technology adapts to follow the natural processes of the eye so effectively that you forget it’s even there.


EyeDee eye-catching technology
the new natural human-machine interface (HMI)

The user experience (UX) is immersive and natural.

The naturalness of this UX was demonstrated in an experiment piloted
with the Louvre Museum in Paris at the end of 2015.

– real-time interaction
with both real and 3D-modeled environments

– automated data analysis reports



Without post-processing the data acquired, EyeDee delivers

Security Speed Efficiency Savings


EyeDee has been developed in response to the need for the digital transformation of industry.

Eye movement is an incredible mirror of the brain’s activity.

It reflects a number of different cerebral states relating to:

  • emotion
  • intention
  • cognition

Eye movements provide information about mental states such as stress, fatigue and attention levels.

Mobile users retain total freedom of movement
Real-time interactive loop at the same speed as the human visual response, real-time analysis reports
Natural UX EyeDee works in harmony with the eye’s natural processes
Interactive in both real and 3D-modeled environments
Multi-user several people interacting with the same object

Information related to SuriCog medical products contained in this website are intended exclusively for healthcare professionals.

The EyeBrain natural eye-tracker assists in the diagnosis
of the main neurological diseases and learning disabilities.

« SuriCog develops practical applications of interactive eye-tracking technology in the very demanding, highly regulated healthcare sector. »

Marc Massonneau
CEO and co-founder of SuriCog

EyeBrain is a class IIa medical device (CE 0459) for diagnostic assistance in neurology and psychiatry reserved for health professionals.

EyeBrain medical device is used in:

  • 50 centers of excellence in clinical exploration worldwide
  • almost half of all teaching hospitals in France

Why use eye-tracker technology?

The social and economic costs of Alzheimer’s disease are equal to those of cancer, heart disease and strokes combined.

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SuriCog propose des solutions matérielles et logicielles embarquées
qui permettent d’aborder toutes les fonctions de la vision sous l’angle digital.

Ces technologies mobiles, temps réel et intégrables à toute monture, offrent des possibilités uniques
de création d’interactions œil-environnement, d’analyses comportementales de l’œil et du regard,
ou encore de mise en relation avec le monde des objets connectés.

SuriCog recherche toujours des talents pour renforcer son équipe R&D pluridisciplinaire,
motivée et créative afin d’assurer la croissance de la société dans les secteurs de l’industrie et de la santé

Ingenieur développement C++  (H/F)

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